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2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Case


Where to begin with 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball. One of the better Rookie checklists in 2010 even though its missing Buster Posey (Negative). It does however include Rookies and Rookie Autographs of Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward, Mike "Giancarlo" Stanton, and Starlin Castro with some mid tier pitching rookies also. The USA autos fall roughly 1 per case and are slowly becoming good hits with the likes of Garrit Cole and Jackie Bradley Jr.
The assorment of inserts is a nice change up during the case break and has some additional value. The Refractors fall through the set and inserts which make them pretty plentifull. I would rate this currently a 4/5 or 7/10 because the price is slowly climbing to the point where it should be, but 2010 Chrome was notorious for bending and warping issues. If this doesnt bother you its a great product, but some condition collectors may want to stay away incase they get a heavily bowed case.
Date Added: 04/16/13 by Zach Lamphere
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