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2014-15 Panini Eminence Basketball 7-Spot Random Draft Break

  • Configuration: 7 Spots Remaining

7-Spot random draft of (1) 2014-15 Panini Eminence Basketball case.

Each spot will receive at least one card.  Spots 1-4 will receive only 1 card.  Spots 5-7 could receive a second card, depening on how many cards are in the case.  We will random the draft order before the break.  Each person will pick once from first to seventh.  Then the draft will go in reverse order if needed.  Meaning the 7th spot would get the 8th cards, the 6th spot would get the 9th spot and the 5th spot would get the 10th card.  Each person will have 5 minutes to pick their card after the break concludes.

Team name listed on the card will signify which person wins the card.

We will use to random the draft and the break will be done live on

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